Lopez-Riggins Library Collection Policy

Lopez-Riggins Library Collection Policy



Purpose Statement:


To provide all students, faculty, and parents at Lopez-Riggins Elementary with the finest media: books, audio- visual media, and manipulatives to promote learning and foster a love for reading. The intent of our library is to promote reading and motivate students to achieve his/her academic goals.  

Responsibility Statement:


Responsibility for the selection of all library materials is delegated to the Librarian and the school’s Principal. Selection of materials is based upon input from administrators, faculty, students and evaluation by the professional library staff using library tools and other review media.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Materials will support and be consistent with the district's general educational goals and the educational goals and objectives of our individual schools and specific courses.

2. Materials will be selected to support and enrich both the curriculum and the personal needs of our students and faculty, taking into consideration diverse interests, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, maturity levels, and students' extracurricular interests. Materials selected will encourage an appreciation for both informational and recreational reading, viewing, or listening.

3. Care will be taken to select materials meeting standards of high quality including:

a. Educational significance

b. Physical format

c. Presentation, including special features, such as indexes, table of contents, illustrations, photographs, maps, charts, graphs

d. Readability

e. Authenticity/accuracy in factual content

f. Artistic quality or literary style

g. Technical production/construction that is well-crafted, durable, manageable, and attractive.

4. Materials will be considered relating to their overall purpose and their direct relationship to instructional objectives and/or the curriculum. Selected materials will support needs in the content areas and be appropriate to the variety of ages, developmental stages, ability levels, and learning styles represented by the particular facility for which they are chosen.

5. Materials will be selected representing opposing points of view on controversial issues, encouraging individual analysis.

6. The literary style of a work will be appropriate and effective for the subject matter and its intended readers or viewers.

7. The value of any work must be examined as a whole. The impact of an entire work will be considered, transcending individual words, phrases, and incidents.

8. Resource sharing will be considered in purchasing decisions. Materials may be purchased or not purchased based on networking and collaborative relationships with other area collections and depending upon extent of need.

9. Materials will be purchased in a variety of formats with efforts made to incorporate emerging technology when they meet the criteria outlined above.